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When Gaudí was 31 years old, he took over this construction project from Francisco de Paula Villar who quit his job. Gaudí changed the project and he made it a lot more ambitious and daring than the original. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to end the project as he died despite spending 15 years of his life dedicated to it.

He said people would come to Barcelona to see it for years to come. And he was right. The columns on the inside are inspired on the tree trunks. It is meant to represent a sacred family, a place to go to church, it is still being built, with estimated completion date of 2026.

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I will actually explain a story about Parc Güell, perhaps someone might know about this mystery of my life. My best friend always looked for extra jobs to earn a bit more money. She said once they would pay her 15.000 pesetas (around 100 euros) to work from 10pm to 6am as an extra for a TV ad, but she was working in the office in the day time. I told her she was crazy, but she said they were looking for more people so my friend and me joined too! It was sometime in 2000 I believe, a lovely night filming under Parc Güell's columns, they fed us all night long, we danced, the good ones were asked to come back. Well errr... no they didn't ask us to come back next day :P, but we were paid and we had the time of our life! We never saw the tv commercial air.. it was about the lead singer having her period, pretty funny... what happened to that ad I wonder? Anyhow. Go and visit! Early in the morning I recommend.

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