Best season: unless you avoid crowds, I enjoy it better in August, as they have their local celebrations.

Distance: 30 minutes by train from Barcelona, regular daily trains up to 10pm.

Sitges is a little beach town, although it is known as the Spanish gay city, it has a lot of charm and there are many wealthy properties there.


I created a Sitges map below that has the exact locations and some information. Map navigation guide here


30 mins from a train station, either Plaça Catalunya (Metro L3 or L1) in the city centre or Sants Estació (Metro L3 or L5).

If you are only one person, you can buy a day return ticket (not to be confused with Day card).

You can buy a T-10 up to zone 4 for 34.45€, it gives you 10 trips via bus/underground/ferrocarril/tram from zones 1 to 4, so 3.45€ a trip.

You can transfer two different methods of transport for free within 75 minutes from the 1st journey made. E.g. a bus/underground, bus/bus wouldn't apply.

Selling points: any underground or train stations.