I think that the best present anyone can give you is that which is totally unexpected, and you actually cherish it more than the person giving it to you would ever imagine. This was my mum’s case.

Although mum didn’t have a lot of money, she bought me once a big comic compilation book, called “Superlópez”.

Little did I know my brother and me were in a for a treat.

Superlópez was based on “Superman”, but it was a lot cooler than that, as he was based in Barcelona, so you could see iconic landscapes.

She bought me the compilation number 2. It had 5 stories, and since it was the only comic she could afford for a while, most of our family read it over and over and over. For us is the best comic the author ever did, I love every single story.

The way the author draws is very peculiar, always making fun of everything, he calls himself Jan, although his real name is actually Juan López, like the character itself.

I actually never spoke about that comic with my friends, I guess I knew I was somehow living in a different world than most, who favoured other comics over Superlópez. If you ask me I think you could learn good Spanish by reading that fun comic ;)

The only person that understands how much I love Superlópez is my brother, as he lived that with me. Our comic ended up pretty broken and in the rubbish, but a few years later I found that comic in the shop, and I bought it for him to keep (as I cannot keep too much junk on me), he felt very touched.

A few years ago he brought it back to my mum’s so I could read it, but boy do I forget that it’s there hidden. Last Christmas I didn’t, and I read it twice, as well as other comics that I didn’t read before from Superlópez, but I can tell that ours is and will always be the best, if only in our eyes.

Looking for information about Superlópez and the author, I found out very dedicated websites that discuss every single aspect of the comics. In fact I even read that someone is going to likely produce an animated movie, it would be so amazing to see my favourite superhero live.

Other popular comic characters which are more well known in Spain are “Mortadelo y Filemón” (clumsy secret agents) or “Zipi y Zape” (the terrible twins). But in my eyes, Superlópez will always be my superhero. Thank you mum for this incredible gift you bought me spontaneously.


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