Barcelona, is calling! And so is Valentine's.. just saying! You can never get tired or bored of Barcelona whether you have been there or not. There is always something new to discover.

No excuses, what is the most important thing to convince you?

Perhaps it’s the football match that catches your attention, Gaudi (the best Spanish architect), Sangria, siesta, fiesta*? At the same time you can spoil yourself and the apple of your heart to a Spa.

Most of people love a Spa, and luckily for you I found a lovely good quality and not too expensive Spa for you. 70€ for 2 people with 30 minutes massage. It is pretty reasonable and the apple of your heart might forgive what you did the other day, she told me! This is your chance to make up for it ;)

I am assuming you are a guy and you have a lady, but it could well be the other way around, it works out either way, or in fact, you don’t even need a partner or friend, you can just go by yourself, it is never weird and you would probably meet people around. I always meet people even if travelling solo, if anything people feels like talking to you more because you are on your own, and it is more liberating to do as you feel.

There is usually no need to book to go to the Spa, but you might want to avoid the “after work” people. Just ask for a gift box for 2. Negotiating sometimes works! They do speak English! It’s a chain called “Metropolitan”, all over Spain. Finally affordable, clean and central Spas in Barcelona. There are others around, you can check their website from my page Must see in Barcelona.

It doesn’t need to be in Valentine’s day, you can do it before so your other half is in for a treat, my advice is to book your Barcelona weekend break now, regardless of when you are thinking of going, so you can get the best prices. And because you can live life. Take chances. Be crazy. Don't wait. Because right now is the oldest you've ever been, and the youngest you'll ever be again.

Besides flights to Barcelona in January and February are pretty cheap, and now each trip on a 10 trip travel card (T10) in Barcelona’s public transport costs less than 1€. What are you waiting for? Chop chop!

If you ask me I usually go for Christmas and in August as I love an empty and hot Barcelona. Tickets cost more in August but it is my favourite season of all. June, July and August are the highest seasons, any other than that should be pretty affordable when booking in advance, although sometimes last minute is reasonable, it is better when you plan ahead.

Best food to eat in Barcelona *see Sangria here

Travel the cheapest way in Barcelona

Barcelona’s map with places of interest

I do not earn commission from the Spa places, I am advising you as if you were a friend, I cannot be held liable if you are unhappy with any of the services you receive.

*siesta: nap - fiesta: party