Gay is ok in Spain too. Did you know they approved gay marriage in 2005?

I only learnt it from a picture in Facebook that was mentioning the only countries where gay marriage was allowed. I was shocked to learn that Spain was in the list and they were the third country to do so after Netherlands and Belgium (whereas usually they are never on any list!).

I always considered Spain quite religious, but I guess things have changed a lot in the last few years. In the other hand I expected England to be in that list, as pioneers as they usually are, but they didn’t make it to the list until 2014..

Last time I went to pick up a take away pizza in Barcelona, I was shocked to see a young lesbian couple cuddling in public. I was happy to see that no one was uncomfortable with that. In a bus stop, I saw a gay couple kissing, I could simply not believe it. I guess finally people no longer sees the sex, but the person behind it.

Looking at the amount of gay couples on YouTube channels, it’s no surprise more and more people are no longer hiding.

Although Barcelona is quite open minded and gay friendly, Sitges is quite another thing, there seems to be a “men only” beach by the looks of it, and like my friend points, there are about 1000 gay men, and about 20 lesbians around, this proportion is more or less the same wherever you go in the world. Or is it a myth? Either way, you can always dance to “Abba”, “Kylie” and “Madonna” like there is no tomorrow.

You might want to know about “Monica Naranjo”, a singer that made many guys come out of the closet, or so they say! Although the video and her hair were cheesy, she has grown as a woman, everyone has a past, don’t judge… ;) Below I posted the same song, but with orchestra behind, there is one thing we cannot deny her, she has an amazing voice.

As I was considering what to post next in this blog, I couldn't help but think "should I post something about gay subjects now"? Will straight people be put off and never come back to my website again? As they say, there is only one way to find out, and either way I want to post this little article, so I guess the rest of the world will have to either accept it or not. Here are the lyrics.