1. 10 trips in public transport 10.20€/ £8.80*

2. Airport to city centre 1.20€/ 0.880p

3. Delicious food

4. Mind-blowing architecture

5. Spa* treat

6. Tax free Andorra

7. Gay sitges beach

8. Gorgeous weather

9. Beach and mountains

Barcelona has it all, gorgeous weather, beach, mountains, tax free 3 hours away, tasty food and very good cheap public transport.
You can wear your bikini, without having that perfect body, top less, etc. Nobody will frown upon it!

You can never get tired or bored of Barcelona whether you have been there or not. There is always something new to discover.

Perhaps it’s the football match that catches your attention, Gaudi (the best Spanish architect), Sangria, siesta, fiesta*? At the same time you can spoil yourself and the apple of your heart to My favourite spa. It’s a chain called “Metropolitan”, all over Spain. There are others in town too.

Take chances. Be crazy. Don't wait. Because right now is the oldest you've ever been, and the youngest you'll ever be again.

June, July and August are the highest seasons, any other than that should be pretty affordable when booking in advance.
My favourite month is August, as I love an empty and hot Barcelona. Flights cost more in August but I don't mind.

Don't be afraid of travelling alone. I always meet people even if travelling solo. People feels like talking to you more because you are on your own, and it is more liberating to do as you feel.

Best food to eat in Barcelona

Travel the cheapest way in Barcelona

Barcelona’s map with places of interest

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*siesta: nap - fiesta: party

*Approximate conversion. Extra bonus: travel card to use in a year (usually expires every February or so) and you can share the travel card with anyone you want.

*The spas are pretty beautiful and very modern. Please note that I do not earn commission from the Spa places, I am advising you as if you were a friend, I cannot be held liable if you are unhappy with any of the services you receive. #londonissolastyear #london #barcelona #barcelonatrending #getsun #yummyfood #pornfood #spa #cheapspa #spainbarcelona #spain #visitbarcelona #spain #catalonia #Барселона #巴萨 #巴薩 #बार्सिलोना #バルセロナ #Βαρκελώνη برشلونة#

LGBT friendly

Gay is ok in Spain too. Did you know they approved gay marriage in 2005?

I only learnt it from a picture in Facebook that was mentioning the only countries where gay marriage was allowed. I was shocked to learn that Spain was in the list and they were the third country to do so after Netherlands and Belgium (whereas usually they are never on any list!).

I always considered Spain quite religious, but I guess things have changed a lot in the last few years. In the other hand I expected England to be in that list, as pioneers as they usually are, but they didn’t make it to the list until 2014..

Last time I went to pick up a take away pizza in Barcelona, I was shocked to see a young lesbian couple cuddling in public. I was happy to see that no one was uncomfortable with that. In a bus stop, I saw a gay couple kissing, I could simply not believe it. I guess finally people no longer sees the sex, but the person behind it.

“Monica Naranjo” is a singer that made many guys come out of the closet, or so they say! Although the video and her hair were cheesy, she has grown as a woman, everyone has a past, don’t judge… ;) Below I posted the same song, with an orchestra behind her. She has an amazing voice.

Here are the lyrics.